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Posted: September 26, 2011 in history, lenin, russian history, stalin, trotsky

The book I read to research this post was Lenin – Life and Legacy by Dmitri Volkogonov and it’s a good book which I bought from a car boot sale.

Lenin was born in a town called Simbirsk in 1870. In the book it says that Lenin was nearly as paranoid as Stalin especially in the last two years before he died. When he died it was rumoured it was syphyllis that killed him but it does say there’s evidence that it was a series of mild strokes and his neurosurgeon hinted that he would have been a bit irrational during the period he had the strokes. His illness was probably brought on by over work. He died at the age of 48.

Without Lenin’s prescence there would have probably been no revolution because Lenin had a gift for getting people riled up. I think after the revolution the general public were no better off and on top of that millions of them were sent to gulags in siberia so many were worse off.