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The book I read to research this post was SAS in Action by Chris Chant which is an excellent book believe me there’s loads of things in this book I could do a blog on & also I bought it from a car boot sale.

The iranian embassy seige was the first time the SAS had to deal with a hostage situation. Basically terrorists with help from the iraq government held everyone in the iranian embassy hostage in london in 1980. Iraq & Iran weren’t at war at that time but it was building up to it. The terrorists wanted 92 prisoners released & given safe passage back to iraq along with themselves. Apparently Mi5 put microphones into the embassy so that they would know where the hijackers & hostages were. The operation would have been a lot more difficult if they’d not known where the terrorists were as there were over 50 rooms to clear. There were several false alarms but the final straw was when they heard gunshots & a dead body was thrown out onto the street. One of the terrorists apparently had a hand grenade in his hand when they shot him & luckily he didn’t get the chance to set it off. A key weapon for the SAS was stun grenades which emit a blinding flash & huge noise which does literally stun someone for about 45 seconds giving them time to pick them off.