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The book I read to research this post was Medieval History for Dummies┬áby Stephen Batchelor which is an excellent book which I got from kindle. Probably the most famous date in english history is 1066 The Battle of Hastings which actually at battle a village near hastings. Unfortunately Harold disbanded his army and then had to raise another so he had less men than he otherwise would have had, then he had the Battle of Stamford Bridge where he defeated Harald Hadrada but his army were worn out. William was able to rest his army which was superior in numbers. William faked a retreat so as to draw Harold’s army forward and then counter attacked. He told his archers to fire at the men behind Harold’s front line which caused them to panic. Harold was killed by an arrow in the eye at this point and there wasn’t much point in his men fighting after that. A rumour went up that William was dead and he had to remove his helmet so that they could see him. It’s interesting that the normans were descended from the vikings and were quite a tough lot. Also this was the last time england was invaded.