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The book I read to research this post was The New Circlemakers by Andrew Collins which is an excellent book which I bought from Kindle. This book is primarily about crop circles although there is quite a bit on Loch Ness & other phenomenon. In this post I am going off topic quite a bit & obviously not all of this is in the book but from different sources. The parents of a friend of mine have a farm not that far from Wolverhampton, which is surrounded by quite a lot of countryside despite being a city. Anyway they have some sheep & apparently from time to time a large cat probably a puma attacks their sheep. Anyway according to their vet it’s hushed up that there are pumas in Britain & they do see a fair few attacks on various animals. Also in the local newspaper, I live in Birmingham incidently, it’s quite a long time ago but they ran a story that a policeman had seen a puma near a village called Enville. They argued that being a policeman although it was dark & he saw it in the headlights of his car, that he is a reliable witness. You might wonder why no one has captured one but they are notoriously elusive. For example they won’t follow the same route twice.¬† I did see a programme called the Richard Hammond Show which said that quite a lot of animals have escaped¬† from places like zoos & they are not all recaptured & some do survive in the wild in Britain. There have been reports of a big cat in the Loch Ness area according to the book. The Loch is situated on a fault line & this book argues that maybe due to the huge geothermal stresses there is a time portal. The author interviewed a number of people who had seen land reptiles & some were brightly coloured. Also a couple on a horse & trap disappeared after travelling near the Loch in the 19th Century & at first people thought they had been killed & thrown in the Loch but no trace of them or the horse & trap was ever found.