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The book I read to research this post was Black Indians Of The Appalachia by Rufus Jimerson which is an excellent book that I read on kindle unlimited. This book is very expensive so I would suggest reading it on kindle unlimited which works out much cheaper. This book is around 170 pages so is a reasonable length. Prior to reading this book I knew next to nothing about this topic and it was very interesting. Black Indians refers to the children and ancestors of mixed marriages between black slaves and native americans. Many tribes depleted by the numbers dying from disease and war broke slaves out of captivity to replenish their numbers. This was a win win situation because an escaped slave on his own risked being hunted down and severely punished. Currently the biggest black indian tribe east of the Mississippi is the lumbaloo. They have now got there own reservation and that has been hard fought for because gold was discovered there and the prospectors and mining companies weren’t interested in looking after their rights. In 1723 the government forbade marriages between black africans and native americans because they were concerned they would unite against the white americans. Despite that there may currently be as many as 18 million black indians in America. At one stage the Spaniards in Florida decided if any slaves escaped there they would be declared free men. The British who were then still in charge decided to pay one of the nearby tribes to hunt down these slaves and even enter Florida and hunt them down. Using this tribe effectively cut off the slaves passage to Florida. The Spaniards were almost helpless in stopping the raids which were also done by British soldiers. I really enjoyed this book and would definitely recommend it.

The book I read to research this post was Native American History for Dummies by Dorothy Lippert PhD et al.¬†This is an excellent book and it’s one I bought from amazon quite a long time ago. Believe me there’s a lot of topics in this book I could have done a blog on but what I am going to write about is how the native american population has dwindled. In the time since europeans discovered america 90-95% of the native american population has been wiped out. This has been due to the fact that they had no defence against the diseases the europeans brought with them. Often they bought cattle which contained contagions and there’s even one case where blankets which had been used by smallpox victims were given to the native americans thereby infecting them. This book mentions there were 93 separate epidemics in the first 400 years. Also often the native americans didn’t have access to medical treatment and many thought their gods had turned on them. ¬†Even nowadays native americans in the US are much less likely to have medical insurance can their european counterparts.