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The book I read to research this post was The Templars & The Ark of The Covenant by Graham Phillips¬†which is an excellent book which I bought from Amazon. Very little is known about the construction of the Ark of the Covenant. We know that the exodus or the jews leaving Egypt happened about 3,500 years ago. It’s thought the Old Testament was written in around 600 BC before that it had to be passed on verbally. Mount Sinai was thought to be a sacred mountain where God dwelled by the locals before Moses arrived & it was forbidden for their cattle to graze there. Nowadays there is a shrine which is a sacred site to muslims which contains a spring said to have been found by Moses. One theory about the red ball of fire which was said to be God & was brought up by the Ark is could it be geothermal plasma. When aranite sandstone is crushed by seismic activity this is released & this type of rock is found at Mt Sinai. Could the tablets Moses found be subjected to a similiar process by the Ark. It’s thought the Ark could have been buried by the Essenes near where they buried the Dead Sea Scrolls but they were wiped out so we may never find it. Prior to that it had been taken from the Synagogue in Jerusalem by the Babylonians when they plundered the place but was returned by the Persians 70 years later. In the book it’s claimed the Templars found the tablets near Mt Sinai & one of these was found in Britain but it’s difficult to prove one way or the other.


Al Qaeda

Posted: October 15, 2011 in history, islam, muslims

The book I read to research this post was Al Qaeda by Jason Burke¬†which is an excellent book and which I got from the library. In this post I am going to say what I disagree about with the US & UK governments then I’m going to say what I disagree about with al qaeda.

Prior to the 9/11 attacks there was no such thing as an organisation called al qaeda. The name came about because someone had a radical muslim booklet called al qaeda although nowadays the radicals do call themselves al qaeda. According to the bush administration when it was in power anyone who was a muslim and disagreed with US foreign policy was a radical. I would love to meet anybody who agrees with US foreign policy because I don’t think such a person exists. For a start the US promised help to any government who was fighting muslims labelled al qaeda which apparently included the chinese government even though they had been fighting a muslim minority ever since the communists had come to power. It is also a fact that many muslim groups fighting foreign governments have no links whatsoever with osama ie hamas. In britain there was a case where someone who they said was a muslim radical had escaped from a secure psychiatric unit and he was depicted as a potential suicide bomber on the news which I think at the end of the day was somebody with depression although I can understand them wanting to apprehend him. Another I disagree with is that if someone has radical muslim beliefs they can be arrested. When I was growing up one thing I was told was that a very principle is that britain is a free country and I think even if someone believes you should drink petrol that is their beliefs and we should respect that although if someone is recruiting terrorists I agree they should arrest them.

Now I am going to have a go at al qaeda. Osama has never undertaken any kind of deep study of the qu’ran like in a university yet some idiots think he is an expert. Also I have a book on graphology and they studied osamas handwriting in it and not very surprisingly he is a megalomaniac. I don’t think he would have had any followers if it hadn’t been for his money. I have read in another book that a lot of suicide bombers are given money for their families and they are promised that their children will be taken care of. I belief osama saw that some muslims were downtrodden and exploited it because he wanted to be important. I do however think a lot of muslims have genuine problems which aren’t being dealt with very well.