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The book I read to research this post was Act of God by Graham Phillips which is one of the best books I’ve ever read & which I bought from amazon. This book presents a theory concerning atlantis, tutankhamen, moses & the minoan civilisation. At around this time which was when Amhotep 3rd was pharoah there was an enormous volcanic eruption at Thera which is in the Mediterranean. This eruption was many times bigger than even krakatoa which is the biggest eruption of modern times. The author believes atlantis was the minoan civilisation on crete & that it was virtually wiped out by this eruption & the resulting tidal wave. It’s believed moses lived around this time but he wasn’t called moses & he was a high ranking egyptian who left with the jews when they were released from slavery & allowed to leave. The author argues could the plagues in the bible have all happened at the same time & be the result of the volcanic eruption.  After mount St Helens erupted there were similiar plagues. The nile would turn blood red for example because iron oxide would be thrown into the air & could quite feasibly have gone into the river. Daylight would have blocked out by the ash from the volcano for some time. People would have come out in boils because of what was in the air. There would have been plagues of things like frogs & locusts because there predators would take longer to recover in population. A short while after the eruption there would have been disease from all the rats & all the rotting carcases which would have littered the place. Then when the jews where released & travelled to the reed sea not the red sea the sea level would have dropped due to the impending tidal wave allowing the jews to cross & of course the tidal wave would have wiped out the egyptians. It’s known the egyptians around this time adopted similiar religious practises to the jews could this be because they thought their gods had forsaken them. It’s known around the time tutankhamen came to the throne which was a bit later on they went back to their traditional religion.