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The book I read to research this post was Gobekeii Tepe: Genesis Of The Gods by Andrew Collins which is an excellent book which I bought from kindle. Gobekeii Tepe was discovered in 1994 and is a remote part of South West Turkey and is the earliest archaeological construction in the world. Some historians have claimed we will find things like the Akashic Vaults which are records of human consciousness and thought to be in Egypt but this is more exciting. The Gobekeii Tepe is a series of megalithics on a huge scale that were probably by hundreds of organized workers in 9,400 BC & that is 7,000 years before the time of Abraham. Andrew reckons beings came to Earth from outer space and this was the site of the Garden of Eden built by aliens rather than a God. It is a fascinating book. Apparently a farmer found broken stones whilst ploughing with inscriptions on them and notified the nearest museums in 1984 but it took them until 1994 to get back to him. One things it shows is at the time the local must have had an organized society with agriculture to support the thousands of visitors it received. When this was built and it was lined up with the stars, there was a different pole star called Deneb and there is a hole in one of the stones thought to be aligned with it. The stones were quarried many miles away and we know among the things they worshipped was the volcanic rock/mineral obsidian and in some cases this was highly polished to make the first mirrors. This obsidian was transported hundreds of miles. We know among other things they drilled agate gem stones with diamond drills to thread them into necklaces. Andrew tends to write books on the occult and paranormal and I think this book which is his most recent publication is one of his best. I really enjoyed reading it and found it very interesting. There are also inscriptions on the rocks of creatures that didn’t live in the area and the nearest water source was 3 miles away. There isn’t known to have been any kind of water pipeline which makes you wonder how they supplied the workers and visitors.

The book I read to research this post was East of Eden by Graham Phillips which is an excellent book which I bought from kindle. In 1486BC a comet passed very close to the earth & it looks likely a fragment broke up in the earths atmosphere which according to chinese astrologers of the time had 10 tails & was approximately 20 times the size of a full moon. I’m only going to look at the impact on the megalithic people of britain but this book looks at the impact worldwide & many cultures thought it was a bad omen & it changed civilisation. Most comets are found in the oort belt but quite a few have broken out of that orbit & some like halleys comet visit the earth periodically. It’s worth noting a religious cult in the USA committed mass suicide in 1997 after a visit by a particularly close comet.

Megalithic man built many structures among them silbury hill which was not a burial site as was once thought. Stonehenges construction remains something of a mystery. Why was it necessary to mine the stone in wales when surely there was suitable stone nearby? Most of these huge structures took around 15 years to complete which is amazing when you consider they didn’t have pack animals & the people lived in tiny communities so had to travel to work. Over 50% of the population were involved in megalithic construction projects & in the case of newgrange a burial mound in Ireland it was built a thousand years before the pyramids. The egyptians at least had pack animals, large amounts of labour & the wheel had been invented by then. Stonehenge might seem big to us nowadays but avebury was a stone circle 3/4 mile in diameter although much of that was taken away for building purposes & most of it is now gone. The megalithics had a very advanced culture until around 1500BC when the different tribes started feuding. It’s worth noting the megaliths were quite a peaceful bunch but they were wiped out in a period of a few years. This book argues it was the comet which caused this & it’s worth noting other races like the assyrians took it as a bad omen & started wars as well.