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The book I read to research this post was British Politics for Dummies by Julian Knight which is an excellent book which I borrowed from the library. In Britain there are 3 major political parties which are the conservative, the labour & the liberal. Scotland has its own parliament which currently is controlled by the scottish nationalists. Wales has an assembly which means the welsh minister can veto laws. Northern Ireland governs itself but is subject to a power sharing arrangement with Britain & Ireland. In Britain we are currently governed by a coalition between the Liberals & the Conservatives. The last time the Liberals governed the country outright was around the time of the 1st World War & the prime minister was David Lloyd George. interestingly his first language was welsh. The Queen is the head of state hence we don’t have a president but in practise the prime minister pulls the strings. There is a trend for more and more media attention centred on the prime minister & he is getting more and more powerful. This is perhaps because uses whips more effectively. Whips are MPs whose job is to make other members of the party toe the line. If an MP rebels the party can withdraw the whip which means at the next election he won’t be able to campaign as a member of that party. Britain is also partly governed by the European Parliament & there was talk of turning the member states into one super state. It has to be said there is considerable opposition to it with in Britain. Also a lot of Eastern European States who have joined the European Union recently are opposed to it because they feel it’s a return to being ruled by outside & it isn’t long ago they were ruled by Russia. The European Union has introduced Euro currency which has been adopted by quite a few members although there has been problems with various member countries getting into debt & having to borrow money. I for one think Britain is better off sticking with the pound. For one thing if we adopted the Euro a lot of companies would take advantage by hiking there prices because very few people would understand the value of the Euro in relation to the pound.