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The book I read to research this post was The Temple & The Lodge by Michael Baigent et al which is a very good book which I borrowed from the library. This book is a history of freemasonry. When the Knights Templars were got rid of in the 14th Century many of them came to Scotland which at that time was quite tolerant of people from other cultures & religions. I daresay the king of France who persecuted the Knights Templars on mostly trumped up charges had most of the wealth, but anyway those who came to Scotland brought great wealth with them & bought a lot of land. At Rosslyn near Edinburgh is a chapel which is a kind of minaiture cathedral & believe me it’s quite big. It took 40 years to build & cost a lot of money & it was built by the freemasons. Many churches in Scotland have graves from this period which have a nameless tombstone with a sword engraved into it or other freemason symbols. These are typical freemason & Knights Templar tombs. In the USA it was at one time almost a prerequisite to becoming president that you had to be a freemason although nowadays they don’t carry the same influence. The Pope at one stage issued a papal bull condemning members of freemasonry but it didn’t dent the number of members they had. Nowadays particularly in jobs like the police, members of freemasonry are expected to declare it.