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The book I read to research this post was The Murder of King Tut by James Patterson et al which is an excellent book which I bought from a secondhand bookstore. This book tries to solve who killed the pharoah Tutankhamen. They did lots of research to solve this mystery & those of you familiar with Pattersons work will know normally he writes thrillers & children’s books. This book is really interesting and is written like a novel that zips back and forth between the pharoah’s life & Howard Carter’s life. Carter found the tomb. Tut was forced to marry his sister who wasn’t very keen on him. After his death she became queen despite Egyptian law saying that only a male ruler would do. She in turn was herself murdered. Tut became pharoah at a very young age & his tomb was well hidden unlike many rulers who had pyramids. His wife even sent a message to the Hitittes asking if she could marry one of the ruler’s sons in what amounted to treason. The king of the Hitittes assumed it was a trap but otherwise it would have united both kingdoms.

The book I read to research this post was The Gods of Eden by Andrew Collins which is an excellent book which I bought from Amazon. In this book which is mostly about the Ancient Egyptians Collins argues there were higher beings which could have been either Antlanteans or Aliens & that these were more advanced than current technology. If you look at The Great Sphinx in Egypt you do see what appears to be weathering which suggests it is much older than previously thought & it was originally was a statue of a lion made before Egypt became an arid land. Also if you look at The Great Sphinx the rock has been hollowed out by technology which The Egyptians shouldn’t have had. The head of the pharoah was added at a later date. The Great Pyramid which contains more stone than the combined stone of every church & cathedral built in Britain since biblical times & was the tallest building on Earth prior to The Eiffel Tower. Why did they make things hard for themselves by using 400 tonnes blocks when they could easily have used ie 4 tonnes. He argues they used sonic devices which there is a coptic legend which suggests this. Also according to psychic questers of the 1920’s & 30’s like Edgar Cayce there’s huge underground man made rooms underneath the Great Pyramid some of which have been discovered by Egyptologists using a robot device. Apparently these rooms contain much written information. Another interesting point is Egyptologists have discovered carvings made from quartz & agate which are 7 on the mohs scale & supposedly the hardest substances known to these people. How were these carved? Before you dismiss the idea of sonic devices consider the story in the Bible of Jericho which had its walls blasted down by a loud noise. Researchers know there was an actual battle at Jericho in biblical times which the jews won. This book also argues the Garden of Eden was around the area of present day Jordan, Syria & Northern Iraq. Around the area of the Indus & Euphrates river valleys which wasn’t always as arid as it is nowadays.

The book I read to research this post was The Arcadian Cipher by Peter Blake et al which is a very good book which I bought from a car-boot sale. This book presents some quite interesting theories especially concerning the crucifixion of Jesus. Many of the classic artists studied things like the kabalah & gnostic christianity & this often influenced their pictures. Nicholas Poussin studied hebrew among other things for example. Although in many pictures & in many hollywood films for that matter Jesus is shown high off the ground at the crucifixion in practise he may have only been a few inches off the ground. Another theory in this book is that Jesus may have not been nailed to the cross as that was reserved for roman soldiers who broke the law, it would have been a horrific death either way. Often people who were crucified took days to die & if they broke their legs so they suffocated that was seen as welcome relief. Nazareth apparently didn’t exist at the time of Jesus & the title of Jesus of Nazareth was a mistranslation of Nazareone which was an egyptian religion which involved magic. According to the Talmud Jesus was egyptian & when he was crucified he was accused of being a magician among other things. As you probably know he did live in egypt as a child. We’ll probably never know the truth concerning these theories but they are interesting.

The book I read to research this post was The Moses Legacy by Graham Phillips which is an excellent book which I bought at a car boot sale. The supposed idea in the bible that we are all descended from Adam & Eve is nonsense because their son Cain got married so there must have been others. Also it says they built a city which I think would be beyond one family. The name Moses probably comes from the egyptian word mose meaning son & Moses was probably the son of the pharoah who took an interest in the jews. Obviously for literary purposes it’s better to make him a jew in the bible. There were probably 2 Moses one who led them out of egypt & got the pharoah to release them & another who guided them to Israel. In the original bible it didn’t tell you which mountain Moses died on & it was due to Justinian the first, leader of the byzantine empire who claimed it was mount sinai & that appeared in later bibles. The old testiment bible wasn’t written down for hundreds of years & the jews memorized it & there are certain things like the domestication of camels which happened later on but before the bible went to print. Around the time the jews left egypt, the egyptians followed similiar religious practises to judaism ie they worshipped one god called Aten which means giver of life but their god didn’t have a specific name, these were the only 2 religions in the world at that time to not name their god. The egyptians must have got disillusioned with their gods prior to that. For more on that have a look at my Act of God post which explains that. A couple of generations later the egyptians went back to worshipping lots of gods.

The book I read to research this post was Act of God by Graham Phillips which is one of the best books I’ve ever read & which I bought from amazon. This book presents a theory concerning atlantis, tutankhamen, moses & the minoan civilisation. At around this time which was when Amhotep 3rd was pharoah there was an enormous volcanic eruption at Thera which is in the Mediterranean. This eruption was many times bigger than even krakatoa which is the biggest eruption of modern times. The author believes atlantis was the minoan civilisation on crete & that it was virtually wiped out by this eruption & the resulting tidal wave. It’s believed moses lived around this time but he wasn’t called moses & he was a high ranking egyptian who left with the jews when they were released from slavery & allowed to leave. The author argues could the plagues in the bible have all happened at the same time & be the result of the volcanic eruption.  After mount St Helens erupted there were similiar plagues. The nile would turn blood red for example because iron oxide would be thrown into the air & could quite feasibly have gone into the river. Daylight would have blocked out by the ash from the volcano for some time. People would have come out in boils because of what was in the air. There would have been plagues of things like frogs & locusts because there predators would take longer to recover in population. A short while after the eruption there would have been disease from all the rats & all the rotting carcases which would have littered the place. Then when the jews where released & travelled to the reed sea not the red sea the sea level would have dropped due to the impending tidal wave allowing the jews to cross & of course the tidal wave would have wiped out the egyptians. It’s known the egyptians around this time adopted similiar religious practises to the jews could this be because they thought their gods had forsaken them. It’s known around the time tutankhamen came to the throne which was a bit later on they went back to their traditional religion.

The book I read to research this post was The Tutankhamen Deception by Gerald OFarrell which is an excellent book which I bought as part of a boxset at a car boot sale. I think I have to watch what I’m saying in this blog because I don’t want to get accused of libel. Basically in this book they accuse Lord Caernarvon & Howard Carter who discovered the Tutankhamen burial site of being a couple of rogues. They had an agreement with the egyptian authorities that if they found a tomb that had been disturbed by robbers they could have a share of the treasure but if it was undisturbed the egyptian authorities kept the lot. The discovery of Tutankhamen is one of the greatest archaelogical discoveries of all time. Anyway the theory in the book is that they discovered the tomb several years previously plundered it, sold some of the items on the black market & smashed some of the artefacts so it looked like it had been robbed. They used a rear entrance they had discovered to carry this out. There attitude was that they were providing employment to the local people & that they were helping the egyptians find out about there history so they were entitled to make money. The egyptians attitude was that the property in the tombs was their heritage & they shouldn’t have to read the Times newspaper to find out what was going on. They sold a lot of treasure to the americans in particular the Metropolitan Museum in New York it was thought they paid a good price & didn’t ask too many questions. Another theory in the book is that the people who allegedly died of the mummies were in fact murdered to stop them from spilling the beans.

The book I read to research this post was The Ancient Egyptians for Dummies by Charlotte Booth which is a very good book which I bought from kindle. This subject isn’t quite as the ancient greeks which I recently did a post on. In ancient egypt a number of pharoahs built there own capitals which then fell into disuse after they died but there are 2 cities which featured as capitals most of the time, they are cairo which was called memphis & luxor which was called thebes which is the greek name but is generally acknowledged. We don’t now how the egyptians did their carvings out of rock it would have needed something as strong as steel & steel hadn’t been invented. We also don’t know how they placed the rocks that make up the pyramids so precisely, you can’t even insert a piece of paper between them. Egyptologists can decipher hieroglyphics because something called the rosetta stone was discovered which contained the same message in ancient greek which they could translate & also hieroglyphics & demotoglyphics neither of which were understood at that time, some code breaking followed & while they don’t understand them fully, they have a sort of working knowledge. Up until 5,000BC a lot of egypt was fertile & the people were nomadic, at around that time there were geological changes which resulted in the sahara being formed this resulted in people having to settle where there was water. When the egyptian dynasties were finally vanquished it was the result of being invaded by the assyrians.