Burying the Bones

Posted: September 2, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The book I read to research this site was Burying the Bones by Hilary Spurling which is an excellent book which I bought from kindle. You might be interested to know I did a post on China at http://oldscratbag.com & also I have done a post on doing business in china at http://claireabella29.com

This book is a biography of the author Pearl Buck who spent much of her life in china in the early 20th century and spent much time reading chinese litterature and doing missionary work. Her parents were from america but were missionaries in china at a time when it was quite unsafe. Often chinese people would think any westerners had jinxed them and would blame things like a drought on them. Pearl was one of only 2 women to win the nobel prize for litterature which she won in 1932 the second one was in 1993. The book she is best known for is the good earth which was part of a trilogy and would be made into a film. It also topped the bestseller list in america for over 2 years. The americans loved it. She came from a completely different culture which the americans found fascinating. The chinese at that time always wanted a male heir and would often leave female babies on the nearby hillside for the animals to eat or sell them into slavery. Pearl often found these bodies and would bury them. Another thing the chinese would do is tightly bandage female babies feet so they wouldn’t grow because the feet were cute and this crippled them. She was still in china when the japanese invaded during world war 2 and endured much hardship. With the success of her books she was a celebrity in america and later in her life moved there. She wrote a book which was a story set in kansas under a pseudynom and many people thought the book was so good that the author must have spend his entire life in kansas. Her father wrote the first chinese bible which the church opposed and her family were very poor. Later in her life she started a charity to help asian children and she adopted a couple of foreign children.

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