A Missionary in Yemen

Posted: June 17, 2012 in Uncategorized
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The book I read to research this post was Behind the Veils in Yemen by Audra Grace Shelby which is an excellent ebook which I downloaded from Kindle for free. The names have been changed to protect missionaries currently in the Yemen but this is the story of a family of missionaries who went to the Yemen to spread christianity. It was at the time of the bombings of the USS Cole & the US embassy in that country. Particularly for Audra it was a very dangerous thing to do. Even now the situation in the Yemen is very unstable. She did wear similiar attire to the muslim women which she resented because she was very proud of her figure. This book is written from a womans point of view & many of the people featured in the book are obviously muslim women. One thing she was angry about was muslims believe a funeral is a happy occasion & one lady who was the wife of the deceased was sobbing & was rebuked when obviously she missed her husband & it may be a long time before she sees him again which of course would be in the afterlife. Audra’s husband went down with a very serious infection which was a form of septisemia. He very nearly died & it turned out a syringe used to vaccinate him had become contaminated by an airborne germ, which the odds of that happening were 10 million to 1. Even after he partially recovered he had a massive lump which was infected tissue which they had to do an operation to remove. Later on their daughter had a lession on the brain which they had to travel to Cyprus to get treated & have diagnosed. Yemen is essentially a third world country & Audra’s mother who was also a missionary died giving childbirth also in that country when she was 5. When she was going about her business many men would eye her up lustfully because women are always escorted by men in their country.

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