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The book I read to research this post was The Final Dive by Don Hale which is an excellent book which I borrowed from the library. Anyone acquainted with my history posts will know I like controversial history & I am in my element with this book. For anyone not familiar with the Buster Crabb story he was a diver who when Kruschev who later became premier in the soviet government visited Britain via a soviet cruiser & an escort of 2 other ships. He went diving near these ships & disappeared although a badly mutilated body which they were unable to identify turned up a year later. This case resulted in a big shake up of the security services & contributed to Anthony Eden’s governments downfall. A lot of people suspected that Buster Crabb was a spy. Apparently he had loads of experience as a diver in the navy. The ship that Kruschev came on was a new type of cruiser & it has been claimed that Mi6 wanted him to film under the hull of the ship & its propellers. This incident happened in the 1950’s & anglo-soviet sunk to an all time low. Also once the newspapers got hold of the story it became a very big story. This book is like a biography of him although I’m going to concentrate on the disappearance. One thing that has never been fully explained is why it was necessary to film under the ships hull. Apparently had photos of its hull from when it was being built. The theory in the book is that they knew there would be a scandal & that they wanted to get rid of a lot of the bosses several of whom since have been found to have been soviet spies.

The book I read to research this post was The New Circlemakers by Andrew Collins which is an excellent book which I bought from Kindle. This book is primarily about crop circles although there is quite a bit on Loch Ness & other phenomenon. In this post I am going off topic quite a bit & obviously not all of this is in the book but from different sources. The parents of a friend of mine have a farm not that far from Wolverhampton, which is surrounded by quite a lot of countryside despite being a city. Anyway they have some sheep & apparently from time to time a large cat probably a puma attacks their sheep. Anyway according to their vet it’s hushed up that there are pumas in Britain & they do see a fair few attacks on various animals. Also in the local newspaper, I live in Birmingham incidently, it’s quite a long time ago but they ran a story that a policeman had seen a puma near a village called Enville. They argued that being a policeman although it was dark & he saw it in the headlights of his car, that he is a reliable witness. You might wonder why no one has captured one but they are notoriously elusive. For example they won’t follow the same route twice.¬† I did see a programme called the Richard Hammond Show which said that quite a lot of animals have escaped¬† from places like zoos & they are not all recaptured & some do survive in the wild in Britain. There have been reports of a big cat in the Loch Ness area according to the book. The Loch is situated on a fault line & this book argues that maybe due to the huge geothermal stresses there is a time portal. The author interviewed a number of people who had seen land reptiles & some were brightly coloured. Also a couple on a horse & trap disappeared after travelling near the Loch in the 19th Century & at first people thought they had been killed & thrown in the Loch but no trace of them or the horse & trap was ever found.

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I want to thank everyone who has left a comment. I do enjoy reading them. I noticed someone said I’ve given them some ideas on things to do art on. I wanted to mention A friend has a blog where I do most of the posts at

There’s some posts on that site on various subjects to do with art. For example I did one on rennaisance art recently. There’s also some on different styles like manga etc.

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The book I read to research this post was A Brief History of The Holy Grail by Giles Morgan which is a very good book which I bought from Kindle. The roots of what the holy grail is like giving perpetual youth lie in pagan religion. Some claim the holy grail was what Jesus used at the last supper others claim it was what Joseph of Arimethea used to collect Jesus’s blood & yet others claim it was the sacred bloodline of Jesus’s descendants. A small blue receptacle was found at Glastonbury which some claimed was the holy grail. There’s a legend that Joseph of Arimethea & the virgin Mary went to Glastonbury. The King Arthur stories which although a fictitious work were based on much older legends tell of Percival trying to save the Fisher King with the holy grail but when he sees it at the white castle he doesn’t ask what it’s purpose is. There probably was a King Arthur but he wasn’t called Arthur. Many films have been inspired by the King Arthur legends like obviously Excalibur but also Star Wars & the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The holy grail in a famous scene in Indiana Jones & the Last Crusade was depicted as being made of wood & Jesus didn’t have a lot of money so it was probably not made of a precious metal. The eskimoos believe if you drink out of a walruss skull it has similiar properties to what we believe about the holy grail. They also believe the northern lights are spirits trying to reenter our world. The Nazis tried to hijack the King Arthur legends & the holy grail story for their own ends. Hitler was obsessed with ancient artifacts. They tried to make out christianity was a left over of judaism & that the Cathars who claimed they had descended from had possessed the holy grail. It’s from stories like that, that some people wonder if they found the holy grail.

The book I read to research this post was The Temple & The Lodge by Michael Baigent et al which is a very good book which I borrowed from the library. This book is a history of freemasonry. When the Knights Templars were got rid of in the 14th Century many of them came to Scotland which at that time was quite tolerant of people from other cultures & religions. I daresay the king of France who persecuted the Knights Templars on mostly trumped up charges had most of the wealth, but anyway those who came to Scotland brought great wealth with them & bought a lot of land. At Rosslyn near Edinburgh is a chapel which is a kind of minaiture cathedral & believe me it’s quite big. It took 40 years to build & cost a lot of money & it was built by the freemasons. Many churches in Scotland have graves from this period which have a nameless tombstone with a sword engraved into it or other freemason symbols. These are typical freemason & Knights Templar tombs. In the USA it was at one time almost a prerequisite to becoming president that you had to be a freemason although nowadays they don’t carry the same influence. The Pope at one stage issued a papal bull condemning members of freemasonry but it didn’t dent the number of members they had. Nowadays particularly in jobs like the police, members of freemasonry are expected to declare it.

The book I read to research this post was Beneath the Pyramids by Andrew Collins which is a very good book which I bought from Kindle. About 200 years ago 3 huge underground chambers were discovered near the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. There was no treasure there so the people who discovered it didn’t spend all that much time exploring it. I have a friend who is psychic & he wrote a book mostly of predictions & transcripts of medium sessions. But in his book one thing he predicted was that pyramids will be discovered in China & it will change how we perceive that different cultures were isolated from one another. It’s interesting that at a site in Egypt there is a site of stones set up celestially much like a small scale Stonehenge & some of the stones are newer than the rest because obviously the stars changed over time & they had to change the circle to acommodate this. A mass grave was found near the Valley of the Kings where upto 40% of the bodies had died had died of things like knife & arrow injuries. They could tell this because they hadn’t tried to heal. Many of the others had terrible injuries but had somehow survived. These bodies were dated to about 10,500BC & it’s interesting that a medium called Edgar Cayce had stated during a medium session that people from the Caucasus mountains near Russia had arrived in Egypt in around 11,000BC & there had been a lot of violent strife. At the time Edgar said this it was disputed by historians but now they’re having second thoughts. Egyptians or historians have also found mumified small animals. It’s interesting that in The Ten Commandments story the Jews made a golden calf because many Egyptians & Jews worshipped cows. It was a sort of rival religion at that time.


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I’d like to thank everyone who has left comments. I have purchased quite a few books by Andrew Collins which look at things like crop circles. Also I’ve a number of books on things like the history of Dublin & Birmingham along with a couple of books on Cambodia. So you can look forward to me reviewing them.